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The Boise Committee on Foreign Relations (BoiseCFR) is a non-profit, nonpartisan group of southern Idaho's Treasure Valley area business, professional, and other persons interested in international relation issues and dialogue. The primary goal of the BoiseCFR is to advance public information and dialogue on foreign relation.

The BoiseCFR's regular season of meetings runs from September through May, with an occasional June meeting. Each meeting features a speaker who is an international and national expert. Over the year, meetings cover a wide variety of foreign policy topics. Speakers provide insights and perspectives about current foreign relations issues that are often hard to obtain from other sources. To get a feeling for the topics and quality of speakers, go to the "Past Speakers" page, where you will find a short bio and the presentation topic of the most recent speakers.

A typical meeting starts as a social period with fellow members, guests, and the speaker prior to dinner or heavy appetizers. This is followed by a short announcement and introduction period. The speaker then presents, and the meeting ends with an open Q & A session between attendees and the speaker.

If these meetings are something you might find interesting, please go to our"Join us" page.

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